Oh la la!

Branching Out

I LOVE this colour! Knitting this has been an endurance test. It’s been knitted, ripped out, re-knitted, hurled across the room in anguish, and knitted some more. Only a few more repeats to go, but I don’t want to touch it because I’ve dropped a stitch somewhere in the last repeat and I don’t want to throw it again…


A scarf for my friend Matthew, who is my accomplice in History classes.

I’m taking part in the 6th DIY Kit Swap on Craftster, which is exciting – I’m sending two Intarsia kits and shall receive a lip-balm kit and a Kool-Aid dyeing kit. Eeep! Emily posted, asking if anyone would like to do a swap, and of couse I couldn’t resist! *excited*

Here I come, Knitting and Stitching Show 2006! This is SO exciting – there was a trip organised by my Textiles tacher to the Show last year, and I was too late getting my permission form in! But this year I’m going with my mum and it’s so exciting – all that yarn and fabric and buttons and beads and ribbon and fibre and…!

Sorry for the blog-moving and sporadic updates, I do come online regularly so I have no excuse for not blogging, even when I don’t have much crafting content!

Less than three months ’til Christmas, and my mum suddenly has a hankering for some quilted tablemats. She’s been reading too much Little Miss Meshell! When I get home from college, mum is always at the computer reading blogs! She never used to be this bad… And she now has a dedicated knitting time in the evening, whilst she watches her favouite TV show… I keep persuading her to get her own blog but she’s having none of it :p



6 responses to “Oh la la!”

  1. Christine says :

    Oh I so want to go to the knitting and stitching show- can I justify the cost of entry and train journey in to London though??

  2. Emily says :

    I am so jealous! Their is never any good shows like that here. lol, have fun 😀
    I am probably going to join the Newbie Swap on Craftster this month. I want to try one, and this sounds like a good idea. I was going to do the hoodie swap but I was late signing up -_-
    I can’t believe Christmas is coming up! I have to start Christmas gifts soon, only becuase I’m making absolutely everything.
    Oh dear, all of my comments always end up WAY long. Ah well, I will leave you with this: Lovely work on the scarf! I have been needing one and I have the prettiest maroon cotton. I should do something ‘fancy’ for once…

  3. MissMeshell says :

    LOL, oh that is so cool! *waves to Mrs Smurfpop* =) I can’t stop making the damn things, they are so easy and pretty! =P

    I love your branching out, the colour is gawwwwjus, I tried to make that but like yours, mine got hurled across the room many a time and then just got pulled out (err, not that there was much to pull) and discarded. Is that lifelines I see in the third pic? SMART idea, wish I knew what a lifeline was when I started mine, hehe. I really should have another go at it sometime because it is such a pretty pattern.

    I’ve missed your postings sweet pea! =) xox

  4. nush says :

    Love, love, love your branching out. Have fun at Ally Pally (lucky duck! I’m too broke to go, grrrrrr. God, it’s going to be dangerous when I have a credit card.)

    Do you fancy coming up to London for the craft bazaar I’m doing? Ah go on, go on, go on, go on, go on….

    xx nush

  5. Emily says :

    I am knitting branching out. I finally figured it out, and then about five inches up, I totally messed up -_- Oh well, I guess doing it ten times makes it easier each time 😀

  6. Emily says :

    You are my new favorite person! I never would have thought of using those lifeline things. I have a whole load of scrap yarn that I can use. Thanks SO much for the suggestion 🙂

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