Just a quick post!

Things aren’t going too great at the moment – college is being a pain in the arse (as am I – not feeling well) and I feel like I’m going round and round in circles. Nothing craft-related has happened since the last post. At all. Nada. I’m totally lacking in any… “oomph” whatsoever in every aspect of me lately. Ho hum. Less than a month ’til Christmas and I’ve barely started to think about it. Oh dear.

Hopefully something more positive and productive to post about by the end of the week *crosses fingers*



2 responses to “Update”

  1. Emily says :

    blech. i hate the feeling. maybe it’s the time of year or something. i can’t get jack done =/
    i hate christmas… lol.

  2. anushka says :

    that new picture of you in your profile on the sidebar is beautiful.

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