My mum rocks

She does, bless her ^_^

Click to see the whole set

I’m so proud of my mum 🙂 She’s knitted several of the scarves (as you can see) and I think she’s planning on giving them away for Christmas. The tissue holder was created from this tutorial on The coasters were created from this tutorial on Allsorts’ blog.

I just wanted to post these because they’re fab! I’m trying to persuade mum to get a blog but she reckons she’s not interesting enough to blog… Silly mum!

We had a bit of a crafty day today – mum was busy buying fabric and trim (Her stash is groooowing!) and making more tissue holders, while I made some lip balm using this kit I got in a Craftster swap. I made one orange and one peppermint balm, and they both smell delicious! Christmas cards were also made, which is another thing off my mind.

It’s amazing how much gets done when you’re trying to avoid preparing a really important presentation for college, isn’t it?! A 15 minute interactive oral presentation on the existential and absurdist themes in Albert Camus’ novel The Outsider has to be given next Tuesday. And I have written about thirty seconds of it so far.

Oh dear.



6 responses to “My mum rocks”

  1. Emily says :

    What yarn are the scarves made out of? It is lush =D
    My mom has a blog, but she won’t get a craft blog either. It’s too bad because she makes really pretty things.

    How is the Outsider? I have been looking for something to read over Christmas break- it sounds fascinating.

  2. MissMeshell says :

    Beautiful things! I LOVE the blue/grey scarf in the middle and those tissue holders are divine…I must try one one day. I love the coasters too, they are so fun to make aren’t they! =) And your mum should definitely get a blog, I made mine get one which probably wasn’t the best idea as she loves to post embarassing things about me =P xox

  3. anushka says :

    They’re so pretty!

  4. justine says :

    tell your mum I think she should start a craft blog 🙂

  5. Sally says :

    Mmm. Delicious scarves. Your mom should totally get a blog. (I wish my mom was half as crafty as me!)
    I know all about the art of extreme and dangerous procrastination. Good luck…

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