Sorry folks

I was hoping to show you my progress on Fetching butI had my camera stolen last night. I won’t bore you with the details on here but I posted about it on my LJ (Link to the right).

 Anyway. I’ve finished one (I don’t know whether they’re mittens or gloves or wristwarmers or what) and I’ve cast on for the second. It was only after I submitted my last post and went to knit some more that I realised I’d read the pattern wrong. “Repeat these 6 rounds twice more” does NOT mean “repeat these 2 rounds six times more”. So after a resentful frogging sesh, I got started again on the train to college on Tuesday. By the time I got home I’d finished it – we had a 90 minute coach journey each way to London to see Therese Raquin at the National Theatre. Not my cup of cake, personally but it was pretty good. Anyway, people kept asking me what I was knitting on the coach, and I don’t quite know what they are so I just said “Hand… Wrist… Thingies”. We also went to the Tate Modern museum and I took lots of pictures of the huge slide installation. But alas, the pictures are on my (ex)camera.

I’ve not knitted any more of my jumper, because I’m worried I won’t have knitted the same number of rows for the front and back. Which is such a non-excuse that I should go and finish the front right this minute.



3 responses to “Sorry folks”

  1. anushka says :

    They are fingerless gloves. Plain and simple.

    Sorry about your camera. But I’ve heard that the giant slide at the tate (my haunt) is great!

  2. Emily says :

    So sorry about your camera =(
    I believe they would be fingerless gloves. But I don’t know for sure.

  3. pam says :

    Alright, I’m really thinking I’m going to have to join all you ladies knitting Fetching. All you WIP’s look gorgeous!

    And speaking of gorgeous…look at that About Me photo! HOTT!

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