Spot the difference

Just not meant to be, maybe?

So, I had to frog it and cast on again. Then as I cast off I realised I’d not done the very last cable of the final cable round. No matter, I thought. I can just make that the left glove so the mistake is palm-side down. After wearing them for a while I decide to take a picture* when something doesn’t seem right – Why did I have spare yarn when the pattern said I wouldn’t? Why is this one not curling at the cast-on edge as much?

And then it struck me, like a wet blocking towel to the side of the head.

I missed a cable round. I think I knew it too, I was thinking about how I mentioned in my last post: “It was only after I submitted my last post and went to knit some more that I realised I’d read the pattern wrong. “Repeat these 6 rounds twice more” does NOT mean “repeat these 2 rounds six times more”.” and it didn’t quite click why I was only knitting these six rounds once more.
I r muppet, lol.

So, I may well have to console myself on Monday by buying more yarn to knit another pair.


*Mum managed to sort out the camera mess with the insurance people, and we got a replacement today. Thank you Mum x


2 responses to “Spot the difference”

  1. anushka says :

    I actually can’t spot the difference…..Though the top mit does seem a bit curlier.

    Hooray for a happy(ish) ending to the camera saga.

  2. Emily says :

    I don’t quite notice a mistake either- flaws tend to be more obvious to the creator =)
    I do love the color. It is so gorgeous.

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