Half way…

One finished Fetching .2 mitten

I’ve just realised calling it “Fetching .2” suggests there’s another version of the pattern. There isn’t. I just can’t get it right in one attempt.

Close-up of the cables

Progress on the room – first coat of paint is on!

I blame my current lack of productivity on the painting. Even though it’s just because I’m procrastinating as always. Feeling pretty good the last few days, and I’m really looking forward to visiting Loop with Nush next week!

Oh, and is the layout of my posts OK? Just wanted to check that the pictures are all good sizes and links are OK etc. ¡Graçias guapas!



6 responses to “Half way…”

  1. anushka says :

    GREAT! I love the colour! (And I believe that you mean something like “Fetching: attempt 2”. But then I just write that ‘you bean’, so I wouldn’t trust me.)

    I’m v. excited about next week! But….what’s happened to the colour of your hair? Every time I tell my brain to look out for BLUE or GREEN hair, you make it PINK or BROWN! It’s confused! You’re confusing it!!

    I’ll stop now. And go an vacuum the floor. But your post layout is fine. These big pictures are v. good.

  2. anushka says :

    OH and can you e-mail me your mobile number please? I’m afraid incase we lose each other. Or something.

  3. Emily says :

    I love painting. It is so fun and relaxing. I always make a complete mess though, so my mom isn’t to keen on me doing it =/
    I love the color of Fetching!! It is so perfect and pretty. I also am wondering about your hair color 😉

  4. smurfpop says :

    Ahaha, my hair changes colour far too often – just another symptom of my indecisiveness! Brown is nice bcause I don’t get children asking their mums “Why does that girl have pink hair?” but I kind of miss the eccentricity of it!

  5. anushka says :

    Yes, my four-year-old sister LOVED your pink hair. Pink hair is the biz to her. Her barbies have pinknpurple hair. Her favourite television character has pink hair.

  6. KnitPastis says :

    I am in love with that plum colored yarn and your Fetchings are awesome!
    YaY for you wanting to being different! That a girl! I have always been like that myself. I might not get pink hair but I try to do my own thing and not a follower. However, sometimes others have great ideas like in knitting and that can be tempting…LOL I like your hair!

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