So um…

I think I’ve found my yarn for a blanket…

Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora and Cotton Cashmere

Eeep. But my justification is that in total it cost £24, when at full price it would have cost £64. So I cannot be held responsible for bargain shopping like that.

Or something.



8 responses to “So um…”

  1. MissMeshell says :

    That is a perfect justification!

    Love from,
    The Queen of Justifications =)

  2. anushka says :

    Squee! I am in awe, and jealousy. (And also surprise, if you compare that AMOUNT to what we got in Loop for more or less the same price. *shrug*)

    WHERE did you get it?! And HOW can I get some too?? I need to get 4 balls of cotton cashmere for a baby sweater…

  3. smurfpop says :

    It was on clearance in the remnants shop across the road from college – I think I pretty much bought everything that was left! I assume it’s the end-of-season or it’s been continued (I hope not, it’s lovely yarn!)

  4. anushka says :

    I think that the colours may be discontinued. And wow – new theme 🙂

  5. Emily says :

    Ooh! I am jealous of your fantastic deal.

  6. may says :

    oh man, what a deal…and those are GORGEOUS colors!

  7. KnitPastis says :

    Now this has to be the best yarns one could get for a blanket! Simply the BEST!

  8. jenni says :

    now THAT is a pretty selection of yarn!

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