OK, so yesterday speaking to Meshell about Rippling, I said that I would have my first ripple of the afghan completed by 1st April. Yes, slow but steady is my excuse. But you can all hold me to this and tell me off if I don’t do it! Mum and I were crashed out on the sofa yesterday and saying “We really need a Ripple” ’cause it’s just so chilly recently. Crazy – 12 days ago I was eating ice cream in the park with my friends. 5 days ago it was snowing.

This is global warming?



One response to “Ripples…”

  1. MissMeshell says :

    Ooooh, snowing *jealousy*

    I’ve just finished one row (so half a colour strip) of my ripple, and there was almost a mighty tantrum with crying because I couldn’t turn the damn corner!! Arrrgh, I seriously worked on the turn for the last HOUR, and finally got it. Sheesh, the next one will be easier though =P

    *waits with her big poking stick until the 1st of April* x

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