We have Ripples!

Started 31st March – first Ripple completed that night!

OK, crochet is FABULOUS. Love it. I actually skipped going to a party on Saturday night to stay in Rippling, and very nearly took it out with me last night (I didn’t but when I got home I was Rippling until 1am). I don’t think the boy (yes, there is a boy *gasp*) quite understands all this craft stuff, although he pointed out the bmp pattern from Knitty. These rock – I have these on my “one day I’ll make that” list. One day. I feel all craft-inspired and positive, and all “eeep!” at the moment. Mum and I are planning on going to the garden centre tomorrow to get some things we can grow in the back garden – I’m thinking strawberries, tomatoes, maybe peas and possibly chillis. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I have two weeks off college.

Now I just need one of these…



5 responses to “We have Ripples!”

  1. anushka says :

    Ee, scary scary cat!!

    The blanket is looking good though…

  2. Emily says :

    There’s a boy?? I’m nosy… I apologize.

    Pretty ripples. I really love the purple-it’s lovely.

  3. MissMeshell says :

    Ohhhhh, happy cat! Where did you steal that from? =P

    Lovely, lovely ripples…isn’t crochet freaking amazing, how did we not know this!? I’m in love with your colours! I’ve been rippling instead of doing my uni work.

  4. Jodi says :

    It looks absolutely gorgeous so far! I love the yarn you picked out.

  5. sabine says :

    Is that your cat? Lovely smiling face!
    Love the ripple blanket too, I finished mine a month ago, very addictive.

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