Sorry everybody – I didn’t anticipate not blogging for so long. I’m up shit creek at college so I’ve been stressing about that and not doing much of anything to resolve it. And I’ve really not done anything on the craft front anyway, except for maybe half a row on the Ripple whilst keeping the boy company when he wasn’t well. I love the internet, I’m currently on his bed using his wireless on my laptop, talking to him via MSN through his Xbox 360 while he’s sitting next to me playing the new Halo 3 Beta. Craziness. Or just g33kery…

No wonder things go tits up. Well I’ll try and get something done. Oh, and I promised a give-away of sorts ages ago, I’ll try and do that in the next post or two!

 ps – I’ve posted several pictures of cats and people have asked if they’re mine – unfortunately not, although I’m trying to persuade mum that all the best crafters have cats. Ergo to be a good crafter I need a cat.



One response to “L’etranger”

  1. anushka says :

    come back come back abbey !

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