Back to proper posts!

Right, that last post was a bit gushy, eh? Anyway. Back to the proper stuff.

Sock-cover-thing for my DS Lite

Pleased with this – it was trial and error getting the size right but I think it’s all right. The mattress stitch and grafting was actually quite nice to do (sewing seams… NICE?!) Anyway, I’ve got some ideas for other designs I could try, and these are lovely to knit.

Tonight’s dinner, cooked by moi!

I quite like cooking, I really should do it more often. Ripple is still crawling along – my enthusiasm with which I started has cooled off now I’m about a third of the way through, but it’ll get finished one day.



One response to “Back to proper posts!”

  1. Christy says :

    I’ve been eying your blog forever and now I have my own… I love all your projects… lately, those polka-dot hanger covers were adorable! Come visit me if you ever have time 🙂

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