My bento box arrived last week, all the way from Japan. Errrm, yeah…

Second attempt at sushi

Noodles with peas

This was very much “wing it and hope” – I cooked some noodles and threw some onion, peas, sweet chili sauce, soy sauce and black bean sauce into a frying pan and it turned out quite good actually. (If you hadn’t noticed, I’m really into Oriental food at the moment!)

This is a “catch up” post of sorts. Now with all this talk of food, I’m off to make myself some breakfast.



One response to “Bento!”

  1. fredsworld says :

    Thats the best type of food, chuck it all in and enjoy!
    The only trouble is I dont know when to stop..a great accidental salad dressing came about from, olive oil, lemon juice, honey and mustard dressing, and balsamic vinegar all mixed together, very nice !
    I also adore marmite and honey on toast, try it!

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