Somewhere to sew!

Yay! Now I have a desk I finally have my own space where I can sew! And to celebrate, I made a skirt (!) but no pictures tonight because it was really quite hard to take a decent picture. It’s a very simple knee-length bias-cut black skirt made from very cheap polycotton as an experiment really – this is the first time I’ve actually used a pattern, inserted a zip and done the whole facing thing, and I think it went OK. Some of the seams are a bit iffy and I still have no idea what understitching is but then it just takes a bit pf practise doesn’t it? Anyway, this was quite a confidence booster, and I shall be on the look out for some nice fabric to have another go with (this one is just a bit too see-through to be decent).

My strawberry plants are being invaded by snails (they are EVERYWHERE around here) and eaten by insects. This makes me sad. I don’t think they’re going to survive. This makes me very sad. The weather over the last few weeks has been; VERY wet, overcast, sunny, stormy, hazy and humid. In about that order. At nearly midnight with my window wide open, my room is still uncomfortably warm, even though it’s really quite breezy outside.

Discussing the weather? Oh how very British.

I saw Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix at the weekend, and I must say I was quite impressed with the acting (how they’ve improved since the first film!) and the effects – the final battle in the Ministry was fantastic to watch. Yep, that’s my two cents on the matter. And I shall say good night before I witter any longer.



2 responses to “Room!”

  1. littlemissmeshell says :

    Oh it looks fantastic! I love it =) I don’t think I’ve seen your sewing machine before, CUTE! Love the pink.

    I need to see HP too, this was my favourite book so I don’t know if the movie will live up to my expectations. I’m more scared about trying to finish the new book before I find out who dies! I need a media blackout =P

  2. may says :

    oh how cute is your crafty space!

    …and I’m glad another knitting/ crafting blogger has strayed into food occasionally 🙂

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