One down!

One thing on my list to be crossed off: finishing the dress 😀

A year after I first started it… The final product 😀

Talk about procrastinating… I think it turned out alright – I’ve never done a big pattern like this before so there were lots of things to learn, and things to remember for next time (pressing seams, pinning pattern pieces to the fabric and cutting the fabric accurately) but I think I’ll have another crack at it sometime. It needs a few tweaks here and there because it’s a smidgen too big around the waist, and there are a few shonky bits to bear in mind (bits that don’t quite match up etc) but wooo, I made it! 😀

I went into Etsy Chat for the first time last night, and everyone was so welcoming! I especially like the photo feature, that allows people to post a picture alongside the chat window. It was cool to see a snapshot of what people are making, and I favourited a couple of items (so it’s a good way to generate some traffic and sales!)

Non-craft-wise, there’s some good new shoots on my strawberry plants (I seriously check them several times a day now, shows what kind of person I am!) and I’m still playing some piano – currently tackling Feeling Good. I’m getting pretty damn bored of the holidays and I just want college to start again (even though that means Maths Studies and Theory Of Knowledge…) My sleeping habits are all out of whack and I’m feeling farly “meh”. I was meant to meet some friends at the cinema on Tuesday – I woke up at the same time I was meant to be there, oooops. And the PC won’t connect to the wireless internet connection so mum and I can’t both use the internet at the same time. Ohhhh well… Can’t complain really.



3 responses to “One down!”

  1. Christine says :

    Looks great 🙂
    I was in etsy chat last night too, but in the UK room. You should join us there next week, they’re all mega friendly!

  2. Xquizite Lizard says :

    Its a very cute dress!

  3. KnitPastis says :

    WOW, that’s a nice dress! It is something I would totally wear.
    Gotta love being able to cross things off your list:)
    I have too lately.

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