Colinette Iona from Ireland

This might become a hat, or a scarf. Or mittens… Or… Any number of things.

Sock yarn from Handspun and Dyed Too on Etsy

Resin pendants from Lunaricsales on Etsy

Azure Allure is going really well – I’m nearly up to the yoke pattern on the back. It’s a lovely pattern to knit – simple and easy to remember but not so simple as to be boring. Mr Y is out for cocktails tonight so methinks it’s a night in for me with the good ol’ needles 😀

I started college yesterday and I already hate it. I’m resitting the first year and I’m pretty down about it, but thank God for my friend Richard who is always full of reassuring advice ❤

Anyway, leave me a comment, show me some love! I love to read your comments, whether it’s a “Hi, I read your blog, lol” or a silly joke that made you laugh 🙂



One response to “Goodies”

  1. anushka says :

    i just started 6th form, on tuesday. have you used up your Loop loot yet?

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