Socks and soup

Closeup – click for the full view,

I had real trouble trying to knit the heel flap on this, so I took it along to my knitting group (yes, I found a local knitting group! :D) and a lovely lady (I think her name was Lucy) taught me how to do it. Now I’m steaming up the leg towards the ribbing and cast off! But I have no idea how long to knit for – I don’t have accurate scales so I can’t weigh the yarn to check hen I’m at the midpoint. Any ideas?

Homemade carrot soup with crusty bread – tonight’s dinner.

I made this (roughly) following a recipe my mum has used for years. It’s so tasty, I may go and get myself a second bowl 😉

I’ve just remembered I never blogged about this top whorl drop spindle I bought on Etsy. I bought a bottom whorl drop spindle last year and I never got to grips with spinning, so I thought I’d try a top whorl spindle. I still haven’t got to grips with it, but it’s pretty. I wish I could spin 😦



2 responses to “Socks and soup”

  1. +marzipan+ says :

    LOVIN’ that sock!! x

  2. KnitPastis says :

    Yumm, that looks like a nice warm meal while knitting socks.
    Your photos are so awesome.

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