I was here all along…

… Honest!

 I don’t know where the time since my last post has gone! To be honest I just haven’t really had a lot to post about. I was in a Mighty Boosh swap and that’s about it really. Although for the swap, I made a tote bag with lightening bolts on it, and I liked it so much I decided to make myself one:

Very handy – it ended up very big so I can get loads in it

I’m pleased with this 😀 The fabric is nice and sturdy as it’s 100% cotton drill (not twill as I thought it was – didn’t know there was a difference to be honest!) and the straps are really easy to sew. I hate sewing bag straps so using proper bag strapping is nice! I originally tried to spray paint the lightening bolt on, which resulted in a horrible smudged mess, so I got some regular fabric paint and just stencilled it by hand, which came out much better. I’m toying with the idea of making bags like these for Etsy? You know, with cool stencilled designs. What do you guys think? I know Etsy is awash with tote bags, but its worth a shot isn’t it?

I’ve got lots of ideas for possible items to make for Etsy, I just never get round to it! I’m halfway through a hat but it somehow ended up at the bottom of my wardrobe! I’ve also got a really cool idea for shopping bags, but it’s sourcing the yarn that’s proving a bit tricky…

Anyway, I shall resolve to get something done! Half term next week and I’m in London most of it, so I shall have plenty of opportunity to visit lots of yarn shops and find that yarn! Until then, have a lol at this – it showed up in my “Most popular WordPress blogs” section of my dashboard, and I lol’ed.



2 responses to “I was here all along…”

  1. anushka says :

    i think that that’s a pretty sexy bag and that I want a skirt with lightening bolts all over it.

  2. KnitPastis says :

    Very nice bag and paint work. I know even if I used fabric paint it would probably smear:) You did a great job on the bolt!

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