Etsy <3

OK, so I’m a bit addicted to Etsy at the moment…

More hangers

I made these last weekend, which brings my current Etsy inventory to a towering two. But you’ve got to start somewhere, hey! I really want to get cracking and make some more of these but the shop where I get the hangers from is out of stock >.<

I’ve seriously been on Etsy SO much recently; posting on the forums, in chat, even in the Virtual Labs (such a cool feature!) and it’s so much fun chatting to people and seeing some of the amazing things people make. I also saw the Gocco How-To video and now I want a Gocco! Although they are seemingly very hard to get hold of in the UK, and very expensive! Plus I just don’t get how the ink doesn’t go everywhere… Anyway, yay, Etsy 😀

I’ve come up with a pattern for crochet string bags and I want to make some for Etsy ASAP, but finding organic cotton yarn (preferably handspun) has proved hard, although I’ve found some on… Etsy 😀 I’m going to buy that next week so I can get cracking over Easter.

Sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit, things have been good and not so good and busy and lethargic and not very productive! But I’ve handed in a couple of quite big pieces of college work so I feel more positive and less stressed out – I stress because I know I have work to do but I avoid it and then I feel guilty for avoiding it and in my guilt I don’t do anything.




One response to “Etsy <3”

  1. Christine says :

    I promise the ink doesn’t go everywhere 🙂 Although cleaning the screens at the end is a bit messy but it’s all good fun. I wrote a mini-tut here a while ago for gocco:

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