Remember this?


A finished Azure Allure 😀

I FINALLY finished it 😀 This has been hanging around for SIX MONTHS. How silly is that?! It only needed to have the sleeves sewn in and the neckband knitted. I’m quite happy with this – I love the colour and the pattern, but it’s a bit short (I hate having that gap between my jeans and tshirt!) so I might try and add a few more rows to the bottom, although I think it might spoil the look of the border… It also doesn’t drape like it should, because I used a merino aran as opposed to the cotton yarn that was suggested. And it’s not very flattering.

I’m not really sure if I’ll ever wear this, which is a shame because I spent so long on it and learnt so much from knitting it. Which is a sad thought. And it’s sentimental as well, because I started it when I was on holiday with Mr Y. Well, we’ll see. Maybe after a wash and block it’ll feel different.



6 responses to “Remember this?”

  1. Lucy says :

    It’s a great colour and pattern, it’ll probably loosen up a bit once it’s blocked 🙂 I know what you mean about having a gap round your middle though, it always drives me batty.

  2. Anushka says :

    Oh no, do wear it, it’s too adorable to be left to languish. Perhaps you could make it button up all the way?

  3. ~ A Blurred Smile says :

    Awww, it looks awesome. Wear it =3


  4. Donna says :

    That’s really pretty. what yarn is it?

  5. katie says :

    oh, it’s beautiful! i think the length is great, it’d be fine over a longer tee or tunic.

  6. Barbara says :

    Hi, where is the pattern from? I googled it, but didn’t come up with anything except a mermaid from Simply Knitting!
    It looks really cute, you should wear it! I know what you mean about the gap bit though, I feel so uncomfortable, but I’m fairly chunky!

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