More sewing


Mum suggested I try making some pincushions so I did! I was worried sewing on such a relatively small scale would be too fiddly but it’s really not šŸ™‚

Not much else has gone on lately – I made an Etsy sale at the weekend so today I spent some time making some tags/business cards using the new stamps I got. Mum and I went to the craft section of The Range and they have loads of stamps reduced – including sets of letters in lots of different fonts. We got several šŸ˜€

Results Day on Thursday. I’m looking forward to getting my results, although I know only the French will be an accurate grade because I’m resitting modules in my other subjects for various reasons. Anyway, French is the only really important one for me, so I’m anxious to know what I got!

And on Saturday, I’m off to V Festival – I’m SO excited because Muse are headlining šŸ˜€ I can’t waaaaait!


PS – My titles really are getting more and more unimaginative…


One response to “More sewing”

  1. carcarffm says :

    very cute!

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