Just another update…

Sorry, once again, no real content. Just to let you guys know I’m still here, chugging along. To summarise:

    I’ve made several Etsy sales, yay!
    College is going OK, yay!

So yes, I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. I am so excited about starting work! šŸ˜€ Got SO many resits for college, on top of the second year work, so my Christmas is going to be spent working, revising and stressing.

Oh, and Mr Y has “commissioned” a throw for the sofa in his new digs. Bearing in mind it’s taken me about 18 months to do a third of my Ripple, I hope he’s not expecting it any time soon…



One response to “Just another update…”

  1. Meshell says :

    Congrats!! I LOVE LUSH, oh my, lucky, lucky.

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