Well, time certainly flies, doesn’t it! I suppose a fair bit has happened since my last post (although it doesn’t feel like it!) – the main thing being I got into university! It feels like it’s been such a slog to get to this point, but it is so exciting to finally be at this point. 34 days until I move to London!

I’m almost 200 pages into the 529 pages of Cloud Atlas, and I will admit it is growing on me. I was a bit non-plussed when I started it, but as the story(ies) progress, it is intriguing to see how it is going to pan out.

(Almost) The rest of the tomato crops

Today I went to my grandma’s, and picked some blackberries and elderberries from her garden. I was surprised to see the extent of the blackberries – they were seemingly everywhere. I didn’t get very many (a lot of the berries were puny little things, or withered) but hopefully I can put them into a crumble or something with some homegrown apples my mum was given.

Two new fat quarters

I couldn’t resist these fat quarters when I saw them in the fabric shop yesterday! I love delicate, intricate patterns like these, and I really like the blackcurrant-red on off-white colours – a little bit of a departure for me from my usual blacks! I’m hoping I can squeeze a headband and a covered frame from a quarter, but I think it will take some squidging!

My next post will mark a bit of a blogging landmark (well, for me, anyway!)



One response to “Stuff”

  1. Laurence says :

    I love Cloud Atlas! I’m reading his previous book before it, number9dream, and its one of my favourite books. He’s great 🙂

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