At the weekend, I went to Leeds to see a few of my friends, and I thought I’d share with you a couple of shops that I recommend 🙂

Firstly was Baa Ram Ewe, a fantastic yarn shop not far from the city centre. When I arrived, they were just finishing a dyeing workshop, so the shop was very crowded (it’s a tiny little shop). However, there was plenty of gorgeous yarn crammed in, and I nearly succumbed to the lure of some undyed sock yarn (I’ve found somewhere in London that sells Koolaid!) but I caught myself and reasoned that I already have several skeins of sock yarn, and I am a very bad sock knitter. I love that they stock local yarns from the Yorkshire area. Big thumbs up there.

Next was Rose & Co., a very sweet apothecary selling toiletries, including bath bombs that you could easily mistake for real cakes. Downstairs is the clothing section, with lots of vintage-inspired clothes and accessories – right up my street!

Finally, Yum Yum Beads, my favourite shop of the weekend! Yum Yums sells a lovely variety of beads, findings and kits, with lots of jewellery made by the very talented staff hanging around the shop for inspiration. I bought some pendants there the last time I visited Leeds, but for some reason failed to buy chain. After literally months of looking online for somewhere to buy a chain that would match, I finally got some from Yum Yums ❤

‘Scuse the peeling, grubby windowsill!

That’s my favourite – I love the details on the key!



2 responses to “Leeds”

  1. +marzipan+ says :

    Sounds like you had a great time!!

  2. yoli says :

    I love that key!

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