Down in the garden…


… Ornamental Quince…

… and a Forsythia

It seems spring has finally sprung! I was in the garden sowing some tomato seeds last week when I thought I’d get my camera out and take some photos 🙂 I find there’s something very satisfying about taking photos with a DSLR – a point-and-shoot just doesn’t quite feel the same (I tell myself that to soothe my conscience about buying a DSLR…)

I do like spring – the promise of longer evenings, barbeques, beer gardens and wearing summer dresses is tantalisingly close! What’s your favourite season?



3 responses to “Down in the garden…”

  1. carcarffm says :

    those are lovely photos. what kind of camera and lens do you have?

  2. smurfpop says :

    Thank you! I’ve got a Nikon D60 DSLR, and I’ve got the basic kit lens at the moment (18-55mm) 🙂

  3. Tania says :

    I still try and take all my blog pics with my DSLR, I love it! It just feels like a nice weight… and the pics it takes are definitely nicer than my point and shoot, which has the same number of pixels… just the difference in lens quality, even though it’s only a kit lens 🙂

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