Yarn reallocation

I spotted these on eBay and couldn’t resist! I wanted a pattern to try them out and I came across this post by Tania and an Ishbel seemed like a good project with which to christen my new needles. I’ve just started the lace pattern and I’ve already made a mistake – I think I might need to take my eyes off the telly whilst I get to grips with this part of the pattern…

I was trying to find yarn to knit with, and I found a couple of unused skeins in my stash, but they just didn’t feel like colours I would wear. Then I saw this…

… And decided the colour was just right.

I’m glad I’ve finally been able to “reallocate” this yarn, because those half-finished socks have been sitting around, haunting me for months. I think next week’s task will be to make myself a swift, as I err… Bought a yarn winder (again from eBay – someone get me away from that site!)



2 responses to “Yarn reallocation”

  1. +marzipan+ says :

    You soon knitted that!!
    The yarn looks perfect for that pattern ~ looking forward to seeing the finished shawl ♥

  2. Thea says :

    Excellent reuse of a half-finished wip! It’s looking gorgeous.

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